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Documentation - Persons

Manage persons who have already been created and recognized
Overview of all persons who can be recognized in photos
Documentation – Persons


In the Persons section you will see all the persons you have already defined in TagYour.Photos via the image analyzer.

In the left area you will find an overview of all persons and can also edit them there via the menu.

Processing of persons
Documentation – Edit person


The following functions are available:

Rename person: allows you to change a person’s name. The name change is also carried out in the photos.

Show person in explorer: opens the explorer and shows all photos of this person in the folders you defined in TagYour.Photos.

Remove person: deletes the person and their associated faces. The person is included in the photos.


In the right area you will see the faces of a selected person.

Faces which are deposited to a person for later recognition
Documentation – Faces


The faces are divided into 7 categories:

  • below 4 years
  • between 4 and 8 years
  • between 9 and 15 years
  • between 16 and 30 years
  • between 31 and 45 years
  • between 46 and 60 years
  • above 60 years

Categorization is done automatically by TagYour.Photos. With the help of this category, it is possible to deposit faces of any age in TagYour.Photos to a person.

By dividing these age groups, for example, both faces in adolescence as well as faces in advanced age can be assigned to a person.


If a person has ever been assigned a wrong face, this can be removed in the overview of the faces.

Remove faces that should no longer be recognized in photos
Documentation – Remove face