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Documentation - Folders

Manage folders in which tags are automatically determined for photos
Manage folders in which photos should be tagged
Documentation – Folders


In the Folders section, you can define and manage the folders that TagYour.Photos should process. In these folders, TagYour.Photos will analyze the images and assign tags and people to them.

Add new folders via the button Add Folder.

Add folder to tag
Documentation – Add folder


After selecting the folder you can decide if the processing of the folder should be started directly. If you want to adjust the settings, you should not start the processing directly, but first make the other settings.

Should the photos be tagged immediately?
Documentation – Start processing immediately


After the folder has been added, you will see in the folder Info the current status of the corresponding folder.

Type of tags to be determined for the photos
Documentation – Tagging status of folder


In the upper area you will see the status of the processing on the left. A distinction is made between the following statuses:


Pause tagging of photosProcessing stopped: the folder is currently not being processed. Processing can be started by Start processing.

Tags are currently being determined for the current folder Processing active: the folder is currently being processed.

Tags for all photos were determined Processing finished: the processing of the folder is completed. All images are analyzed and you have been assigned tags or people.

Tags can not be determined Processing error: the folder is not processed because of an error. This can be e.g. if the folder has been moved, deleted or renamed.


The right part shows you the number of images in the folder and the number of images already processed. In the lower part you can make the following additional settings:

Subfolders: Option to define if subfolders should also be processed.

Keywords: Option to define whether to try to find keywords for the images and assign them to the images.

Landmarks: Option to define if you want to try to recognize landmarks in the images and assign appropriate tags.

Locations: Option to define whether from any existing geo-data (GPS) tags such as country, city, road to be determined and assigned.

Persons: Option to define if people should be recognized in the images. If persons can be identified, they will be saved in the corresponding image. To recognize people, it is necessary to define people via image analysis.


In the file processing section, you can choose which files you want to process. It is possible to process JPG files and RAW files. RAW files are a raw data format of the various camera manufacturers. Supported Raw Data Formats can be found here: Supported RAW Formats

Tag detection for JPG and / or RAW files and storage in IPTC and / or XMP
Documentation – Folder file formats


If you want to process JPG files, you can decide where your tags will be stored, either in the XMP metadata or in the IPTC metadata. It should be noted that no personal information can be stored in the IPTC metadata.

If you also want to process RAW files, the tags are stored in XMP sidecar files (.xmp).

If you do not know the terms RAW, XMP, IPTC, leave all settings to default (selected).


The functions available for a folder can be accessed via the menu to the right of the display of the number of pictures.

Recognize tags for folders, rediscover persons, or remove tags from photos
Documentation – Folder functions


The following functions are available:

Start processing: starts processing a folder.

Stop processiong: stops processing a folder.


Retag complete folder: processes an already processed folder again. Tags are re-determined based on the selected settings. People are newly recognized. Important: This feature reduces your image balance by the number of images contained in the folder.

Retag unrecognized persons: trying to use the people defined in TagYour.Photos to rediscover unassigned people in the images. Important: this feature will not reduce your image balance.


Remove all tags: removes all already assigned tags from the pictures in the selected folder.

Remove all persons: removes all already assigned persons from the pictures in the selected folder.


Open folder in explorer: opens the selected folder in Explorer.

Remove folder: remove the folder from TagYour.Photos. The tags and persons are included in the pictures.