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Tag photos automatically! With TagYour.Photos you are able to automatically tag your photos with tags. The tags are determined by analyzing the image. Four categories of tags are distinguished:

  • Keywords
  • Landmarks
  • Locations
  • Persons


Keywords are determined based on the image content. For example, if a picture contains a lake surrounded by forest with a mountain range in the background, the following marks could be the result of the analysis: [sea], [water], [forest], [tree], [sky] ], [Mountains].


If landmarks can be identified and assigned on the image, the name of the landmark will be the result of the determined tags.


If geo-data (GPS) is available in the analyzed photo, markings such as the corresponding country or town are also returned as a result. If there are no geo-data in the photo, an attempt is made to determine the information such as country or city by means of a recognized landmark.


In TagYour.Photos persons can be defined on request. The defined persons must be assigned to 4 – 6 face photos, which will later be used to recognize the corresponding person on analyzed photos. If defined persons are recognized on photos, the stored names are assigned to the photo as markers.


In the analysis of photos, the result of the tags is composed of all four categories, provided that corresponding results in the category could be determined.

The detected tags are then stored in the properties of the photo and are part of the Windows search functionality. That means you can then use these tags to easily find your photos.

For more details on how TagYour.Photos works, see our documentation.


Documentation - Tagging photos automatically
Documentation – Tagging photos automatically


Or, for example, if you’d like to see how you can work with the auto-detected tags in Adobe Lightroom or Photostation, check out our Blog post.


Lightroom, Photo Station and others …
Lightroom, Photo Station and others …