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TagYour.Photos is a desktop application for Microsoft Windows. Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported with the latest service packs.

Yes. Any tags that have been automatically detected and assigned to your photos can be edited as you like. That menas you can delete, add or change tags. All tags identified by TagYour.Photos are enclosed in square brackets ([tag]) so that they can be recognized as automatically detected.

Yes. TagYour.Photos automatically detects new tags and adds them to your pictures. It will not remove any existing tags in your photos. Even after the analysis of your photos by TagYour.Photos, it is still possible to add any tags.

No. Such a comprehensive analysis can not be done locally. Your photos will be transmitted to the internet for analysis – in reduced form – and processed by us. For the time of processing the photos will be stored outside of your PC. After processing, the photos are deleted again. There is no permanent storage of your data outside of your PC. The resulting tags from the analysis are stored directly in your photos. There is no storage of these tags or other image information outside of your PC. A transfer of the analysis results to third parties is not.