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Start with automatic tagging of images

Please download and install the TagYour.Photos application to automatically tag your images.


  Download TagYour.Photos for Windows



The installation wizard will guide you through the installation.


When the installation is complete, TagYour.Photos starts automatically. To configure you need your email address and the application key, which we sent you by email.

Login window to start the automatic tagging.
Download – Login


At the first start TagYour.Photos opens directly with the application window.

Set the options you want to tag your photos.
Documentation: Application window


For later starts, TagYour.Photos is only available in a smaller size in the taskbar. To open, please double-click the TagYour.Photos icon.

The tag recognition for your photos takes place in the background.
Documentation: Taskbar


A more detailed documentation on the setting options of TagYour.Photos can be found here: Documentation