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Start and stop TagYour.Photos

In order to create automatic tags for your photos, it is necessary to install the TagYour.Photos application on your computer. Currently the software supports Windows operating systems of the current versions. The software is available in the download area.

The installation is done via an installation wizard to facilitate an easy-to-install installation.

After successful installation TagYour.Photos is available for you and can be used.


Start and stop

TagYour.Photos is launched from the Windows Start menu.

Documentation: Start menu
Documentation: Start menu


At the first start TagYour.Photos opens directly with the application window.

Setting options to create automatic tags for your photos.
Documentation: Application window


After the first start TagYour.Photos is available as a background application in the taskbar.

Documentation: Taskbar
Documentation: Taskbar


Via the context menu (right mouse button) the settings can be called up or the application can be closed.

Documentation: Context menu
Documentation: Context menu


The settings are described in more detail below:

  • Settings – General program settings
  • Folders – Manage folders in which tags are automatically determined for photos
  • Image Analyzer – Analyze photos / images to optimize the recognition of people
  • Persons – Manage persons who have already been created and recognized
  • Logging – Show log information
  • Info – General program information for TagYour.Photos