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Documentation - Image Analyzer

Analyze photos / images to optimize the recognition of persons
Image Analyzer to recognize persons in photos and generate corresponding tags
Documentation – Image Analyzer


With the image analyzer you have a tool with which you can easily define persons in TagYour.Photos.

To define persons, you have to choose an appropriate image and define the person on it.

To open an image, select the button Select image:

Select image in which persons should be recognized
Documentation – Select image


If you have selected an image, it will be displayed in the image analyzer. Found faces are marked by a frame.

Name detected persons in photo
Documentation – Assign persons


You can define and create new people via the Add Person button in TagYour.Photos. Select the desired face and press the button Add person.

Add a new person to be recognized in photos
Documentation – Add person


You will now be asked for the name under which the person should be created.

Specify name to be displayed in photos later
Documentation – Name the person


After creation of the person, it is available in the list of available persons in the right part of the image analyzer. As before the plant has already been chosen a corresponding face, this is also assigned to this person. This can be recognized by the green frame around the face and the selected plate in the persons list.

Assign person to selected face
Documentation – Person selected


So move with other persons on the picture you want to create in TagYour.Photos.

Save if all persons in the photo are recognized and assigned
Documentation – Assigned persons


If you have assigned all the persons you want to assign, you can save the assignment. This is always necessary when assigning faces to persons. Please use the button Save:

Save persons in TagYour.Photos
Documentation – Save


If the faces have been saved, this is confirmed with the following message.

Person's face saved in photos for later recognition
Documentation – Faces saved


Do this with other pictures that contain persons you want to recognize. If you have already assigned faces to persons and saved them, you will notice that in other pictures that contain these persons, these persons are already assigned directly when loading in the image analyzer.

Already familiar faces of people are assigned directly in the photo
Documentation – Already assigned faces


Check the assignments proposed by TagYour.Photos and assign more persons if necessary. If an already defined person on a picture is not recognized, use the Select button and assign the face to the person.

Assign unassigned face to a person
Documentation – Select person


Should it ever happen that a face is assigned to a wrong person, you can easily remove this assignment with the button Unselect.

Remove the mapping from a face to a person
Documentation – Deselect person


In any case, confirm the assignments with the Save button so that as many faces as possible are stored in TagYour.Photos. In the best case, this should be between 8-10 faces to a person to increase the hit quality of face recognition even further.