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Automatic keyword recognition for your local photos

You shy away from laboriously adding keywords to your photo collections? No time to go through thousands of photos manually to describe their content? Still, would you like to take full advantage of the power of your photo software, be it Lightroom, Photo Supreme, ACDSee Photo Studio or any other?

With TagYour.Photos, you’ll be able to use features like search, filtering, categorization, and more without ever manually assigning keywords or categories to your photos. TagYour.Photos analyzes your photos and recognizes image content through AI. The information obtained is then stored in the metadata of the photo and thus – regardless of software – can be used as desired.

Analysis of your photos

TagYour.Photos analyzes your photos fully automatically and recognizes their contents.


TagYour.Photos recognizes in your photos objects such as cars, trees, flowers, etc .. But are also differentiated objects such as Volkswagen, BMW, conifers, deciduous trees, roses, sunflowers, etc. TagYour.Photos learns daily and is from day to Day even better.


TagYour.Photos recognizes in your photos known sights and places, such as the Colosseum in Rome, the White House in Washington but also things like the Zugspitze or other striking land formations. Here too TagYour.Photos continues to learn each day.


You can train TagYour.Photos to recognize people you define in your photos. The names of the persons are then deposited in the photo. This personality recognition feature is only active if desired.


If your photos contain GPS data, they will be translated into speaking terms (country, state and city). The determined data are stored in the photo. If the photo does not contain any GPS data and a point of interest could be detected, the GPS data of the point of interest location will be used.

Processing and storage

The recognized content is stored in the metadata of your photos for further processing.


TagYour.Photos can identify hierarchical keywords and categories. For example, your photos are not just the subject of roses but nature > plants > flowers > roses. These hierarchical keywords can be processed directly in many photo administrations.

Local processing

TagYour.Photos works on your local photo collections, it is not necessary that your photos are in the cloud. Your photos may be on the internal hard drive, external hard drive, network drives, or other external storage media.


TagYour.Photos works with the standards IPTC and XMP. The information obtained from your photos is stored in the IPTC or XMP metadata. RAW files use a separate XMP sidecar file.

Software independent

The data collected by TagYour.Photos are stored directly in the metadata of your photos and can therefore be used by any photo management software, for example in Lightroom, Photo Supreme or ACDSee Photo Studio.

Hierarchical keywords

TagYour.Photos now also determines hierarchical keywords!

  • Nature
    • Plants
      • Trees

Hierarchical keywords offer you completely new ways to comfortably manage your photos. Check out our blog posts on the right, where we’ll show you how easy it is to dramatically increase your photo management capabilities with TagYour.Photos.

Protection of your data

The security of your data is very important to us!

The algorithms we use to detect your photos are constantly evolving and therefore have the advantage of improving every day.

In order to use the possibilities of this continuous development also for your photos, it is necessary that the analysis of the photos takes place directly with us. For this, your photos are reduced in size, compressed and then transferred encrypted to us. There is no storage of your photos outside of your computer. Once detection is complete, the information obtained will be encrypted transfered back to you and stored in your photos by our application. There is no storage of the information obtained outside of your computer. Also, of course, no disclosure of the information obtained to third parties.


The new version of TagYour.Photos now offers the possibility of creating backups of the processed files (be it JPG or XMP sidecar files). Thus, there is no risk that XMP data or JPG data will be damaged during processing.

Furthermore, with the new version we offer the possibility to transform existing GPS data into speaking keywords (more…)